The role of art is to pose questions to society. Once society notices the questions posed by art, it regards them as social issues and starts to work on resolving them. TURN takes the process from this starting point through to implementation and turns it into an art project.

Drawing upon art’s characteristic quality of seeking value in that which is different from others, TURN undertakes four programs that create encounters between diverse people, transcending differences in attributes and background, including disability, age, gender, nationality, and living environment.

People across the globe face greater challenges than ever today, despite the work carried out, technological advances achieved, and various methods devised in pursuit of greater affluence. In the midst of all this, we have decided to focus on things that have hitherto gone unnoticed, selecting the word TURN as a symbol of acquiring the willingness to learn about these things, and transmitting this message both within Japan and overseas.

TURN was launched in FY2015 as one of Tokyo Metropolitan Government’s Leading Programs undertaken as the lead-in to the Cultural Program for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Interactive Program

In this program, artists visit facilities providing support to people with disabilities and communities that bring together people requiring social support. The program creates an exchange process based on ongoing interaction in which artists forge relationships with the people who use those places and the people who support them.


This program seeks to equip welfare facilities and community spaces aimed at specific groups of people with the functions of a cultural facility open to the community by setting aside times and creating programs that enable local people to work with artists.


This event brings TURN initiatives from each region all together under one roof. It features an exhibition of work produced through the interactions born of the Interactive Program and TURN LAND, as well as workshops and talk sessions, and various unique programs.


TURN LAB examines TURN from an objective standpoint and builds concepts that support its day-to-day activities.

  • Supervisor: Katsuhiko Hibino (Artist; Dean of the Faculty of Fine Arts and professor in the Department of Intermedia Art, Tokyo University of the Arts)
  • Project Director: Tsukasa Mori (Project Coordination Division Program Director, Arts Council Tokyo)
  • Coordinator: Riko Okuyama (Arts Council Tokyo; Curator, Mizunoki Museum of Art, Kameoka)
  • Organized by: Tokyo Metropolitan Government, Arts Council Tokyo (Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture), the nonprofit organization Art’s Embrace
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