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TURN FES is a festival that brings together activities carried out by diverse artists and facilities involved in TURN Interactive Program and TURN LAND under one roof. It provides a first-hand experience of TURN through a variety of content, including exhibition of artworks, workshops, talk sessions, and wide range of unique programs.

TURN FES 2020 has been canceled due to the outbreak of COVID-19.

TURN FES to Date

  • TURN FES 2021──“Emerging Encounters”

    Under the theme of “Emerging Encounters,” TURN FES 6 was held both at Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum and online, with TURN chakai also held at The National Art Center, Tokyo. These offered encounters and interaction with artists through museum-based events such as exhibitions and movie screenings, as well as online programs rolled out on the website.Details

  • TURN FES 5──“Pathways”

    The theme of TURN FES 5 was “Pathways”, creating a place where people could find diverse directions and ways of living through encounters with artists and various forms of creative expression. Following on the continual theme of accessibility from earlier years, TURN FES 5 perceiving the concept of accessibility not only in terms of physical access, but also of emotional accessibility in the context of building up a wealth of experiences and sensations. As such, it featured a range of programs that facilitated participation by people regardless of disability. Details

  • TURN FES 4──“Pijoppijoppi”

    Based on the theme “Pijoppijoppi (Ordinary-extraordinary),” a word coined by TURN Director Katsuhiko Hibino, TURN FES 4 created a place in which people could learn and enjoy the differences generated through encounters with each person’s differing experiences of the“ordinary.” As well as the artists, facilities and communities taking part in TURN project, a diverse array of guests brought the festival alive with exhibits, performances, workshops, talks and tours. Details


    The theme of TURN FES 3 was accessibility. Participants put their thoughts about accessibility into practice, whether through elements that were specifically inspired by the people they had met through TURN Interactive Program or by implementing programs featuring interactions at the venue. For example, we enhanced accessibility by means such as traveling with people who would have found it difficult to get to the venue due to physical disabilities or restrictions, introducing the use of various technologies and devising other strategies tailored to those people’s specific attributes. Details

  • TURN FES 2 ── “Meeting and connecting with people from various backgrounds: a confluence of diverse types of interaction!”

    Under TURN’s Interactive Program, artists visit different locations catering to specific communities such as welfare facilities and educational support centers. The resulting interactions, which enriched the artists’ relationships with staff, people using the facilities and their families, were expressed at TURN FES 2 in the form of artworks and performance pieces, or even presented the actual interactions themselves. It was an event that gave people the opportunity to experience firsthand the diverse interactions that are unique to TURN. Details

  • TURN FES ──”Three Days to Experience and Enjoy Brand New Encounters”

    The first TURN FES offered the chance for individuals, with all their different backgrounds and customs, to enjoy, deepen, and share encounters with oneanother. It provided a place for think and share diverse experiences and values as new knowledge. It also presented the possibilities for encounters between people, based on creative expressions by 16 different teams. Details

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