TURN Supporters

What is a TURN Supporter?

TURN Supporters help support and assist TURN project’s wide range of activities, including the annual TURN FES, TURN Meetings and TURN LAND projects Share TURN’s vision and become TURN's number one fan, helping us to take things up a notch!

Supporter activities so far

At the annual TURN FES, supporters were responsible for creating a relaxing environment where visitors could just be themselves.
As well as helping setting up and preparing the venues, supporters are involved in the reception duties, venue guidance, assisting visitor who require specific support, operational support for interactive programs, and enhancing the visitors’ experience of festival and its content, and much more. Welcoming visitors with simple greetings and attentive words, supporters can helps bring visitors closer to enjoyment of our offerings.

You can find information on each TURN Fes

Call for TURN Fes 5 Supporters!

TURN Fes 5 will be held over the course of 4 days at the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum from Friday, August 16 – Sunday, August 18 and Tuesday, August 20. In its 5th year, TURN Fes is an annual gathering and showcase of TURN projects and initiatives from both Japan and abroad. Its content is evolved from the “TURN Interactive Program” (* 1) and activities opened to the community under “TURN LAND” (* 2) will be presented in a variety of ways.
This four-day event offers visitors the chance to have an immersive experience of TURN: in addition to exhibits of works at the venue, visitors are free to enjoy performances, interactive original programs, workshops and talks as they wish.
TURN Fes supporters are responsible for creating such an open and inclusive environment, where visitors can relax and be themselves.

*1 TURN Interactive Program
This collaborative program enables creative collaboration between artists, welfare facilities and communities of people requiring social support and recognition – building relationships over a period of time. The program also includes artist-conducted research aimed at exploring the hidden social issues in everyday life and society at large.

In this program welfare facilities and different communities organize and initiate participatory events together with artists. Create places to practice TURN’s philosophy on daily basis, by transforming conventional functions of care and social welfare facilities into an open cultural hub where local communities can gather and interact.

What TURN Fes supporters do?

Supporters play the role of hosts to helps attendees enjoy the TURN Fes. In a venue visited by a diverse range of people including those who require special assistance, supporters will act as guides to help visitors enjoy TURN Fes at their own pace and time.
Prior to the Fes, we will be holding an orientation for supporters to get to know each other better, and learn about basics in visitor assistance and accessibility.

TURN Supporter is ideal for someone who is interested in:

• TURN’s concept and who share the same views
• Helping orchestrate art projects
• People who want to communicate with artists
• People interested in welfare
• People who want to be more active in society

What kind of people take part?

A wide range of people — such as people in employment, students, homemakers and senior citizens — have taken part.

Application Outlines

Description of duties

Assistance in preparation and operation for TURN Fes 5 pre-event including, set-up/clean up of venue, reception of visitors, venue guidance, helping people who require assistance, operational support for interactive programs, etc.


Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum (8-36 Ueno Park, Taito-ku, Tokyo)

Number of Supporters

Around 150

Information Session for Supporters

If you’re uncertain whether to apply, please come to our free introductory sessions to know more about the activities of TURN and its supporters.

Date/time: Sunday, July 7, 2019, 14:00-15:30
Venue: 3331 Arts Chiyoda Room 302
*Advance registration required. Please contact the enquiries desk below and enter your name, e-mail address and preferred time slot.
*Please attend a time slot convenient for you. After a talk by staff, there will be individual discussion time, where you can talk to staff and have a look at TURN-related material.
*This program will be conducted in Japanese.

Activity Schedule

Study session
At this session we will brief attendees on the project outline and program for TURN Fes 5.

Friday, July 19 from 19:00-21:00
Saturday, July 20 from 14:00-16:00
Sunday, July 21 from 14:00-16:00
Venue: 3331 Arts Chiyoda, Arts Council Tokyo ROOM 302
*Please participate as much as possible

Orientation [compulsory]
Saturday, August 3 from 10:00-12:30,14:00-16:30, Sunday August 4 from 10:00–12:00, or 14:00-16:30. *Whichever is convenient

Venue: 3331 Arts Chiyoda, Arts Council Tokyo ROOM 302
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Pre-opening viewing
We will hold TURN Fes 5 tour for supporters the day before the opening.
Planned for the afternoon/evening of Thursday, August 15
*Please participate as much as possible.

TURN Fes 5 Exhibition period [compulsory]
Friday, August 16 8:45-21:30
Saturday, August 17 8:45-18:00
Sunday, August 18 8:45-18:00
Tuesday, August 20 8:45-18:00

*Supporters must be able to volunteer for at least one of the above dates.
*The exhibition is closed on Monday, August 19.
*In addition to the above, some supporters may be recruited to help with set-up and taking down the exhibition on the dates before and after the exhibition date.
*Please note that activity times may change.
*This program will be conducted in Japanese.


You must be:

• At least attending high school (parental consent is required for under 18s or current high school students)
• Able to use and contact via e-mail and have access to the internet
• Financial rewards: None / Voluntary (Travel not reimbursed)
*The organizers will cover the costs of volunteer insurance.
• Give consent to being photographed or filmed for recording and publicity purposes.
• Give consent to being registered on the mailing list for TURN Fes 5 supporters.
• Able to participate in the orientation
• Able to communicate in sufficiently in Japanese.

How to apply

Please fill in the online application form.

Deadline: Monday, July 15. Registration has been closed.
*If you have already been a TURN Fes Supporter before, please apply again.

*We will let you know of the application via e-mail by Wednesday, July 17.
*We will make sure to protect your personal information and only use it for our office’s administration purposes
*If there are more applicants than the required number, priority will be given to those who can participate the number of days.


TURN Administrative Headquarters
E-mail: supporter-info(at)turn-project.com
*Please change (at) to @.
TEL: 03-3824-9039 (Weekdays, 10:00-17:15)