Akashi Ikawa


Musician who graduated from the Department of Composition, Tokyo University of the Arts. Ikawa engages in expressive activities with the human voice at the center of his work. As well as writing music, his wide-ranging projects currently include collaborations and performances with visual artists, architects, Butoh dancers and others.
Ikawa is the librarian of Siena Wind Orchestra, a lecturer at Tokyo Muse Academy, and a teacher of “guru guru mix” creative classes, a program organized by Yanaka-no-Okatte.

[Recent major works and projects]

“Watashi o tabane-nai-de” (“Please Don’t Tie Me Down”), for female chorus and piano (Tokorozawa Civic Cultural Centre Muse, 2018)
“Minato sankei” (“Three Harbor Views”), Fantasy for female chorus (Saitama City Culture Center, 2018)
Music for “Liminal Air,” part of Shinji Ohmaki’s solo exhibition SUIKYO, Suikyo Hita Art Cultural Festival (Hita City Complex Cultural Facility Aose, 2018)
Memorial Rebirth Senju 2018 Nishiarai (music and performance, Nishiarai Daini Elementary School, Adachi City, 2018)

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