Applause Minamiaoyama

Applause Association is an official welfare service business for persons with disabilities designated by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government (Type B Support for Continuous Employment), which was established on April 1, 2014. It provides adults with developmental disorders and other disabilities with a place where they can work, while learning skills such as flower arrangement as part of a friendly group. BISTARAI BISTARAI, the florist shop run by Applause, is Japan’s first flower shop to advocate “WelfareTrade” through flowers and creates truly delightful bouquets and arrangements. “Bistarai” is a Nepali word meaning “slowly, slowly.” The florist shop’s name was inspired by the hope and wish that artists with mental and/or physical disabilities would slowly, but carefully create works of floral art. Bistarai is a studio-style shop, without any retail outlets. Each item is lovingly custom-made by hand, with thought for both the sender and the recipient. Delivering their works to customers is a highlight of the artists’ day, as well. Enjoyable to send and lovely to receive, these are gifts that bring a happy smile to everyone’s faces.
*Coined as a portmanteau of the words “welfare” and “fair trade,” “WelfareTrade” is a social support activity focused on paying a fair price for products created by people described as socially vulnerable.

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