Brincar por un autismo feliz

Since 2010, Brincar has sought to enrich the lives of autistic children and their families by providing professionals, staff, families, and the public with know-how about autism support and creating opportunities for autistic people to participate in society and communities.Autism often makes it difficult to express emotions and build relationships with others, so engagement needs to properly accommodate these characteristics.
The goal of the creative modeling activities led by Brincar is to draw out and develop participants’ creativity and diverse forms of expression.
We believe that these activities will give rise to new communication methods that go beyond words , providing a catalyst for participants to participate in society.While society’s understanding of autism is still developing, we provide support to enable participants to discover the creativity within them and take part in the group independently as important individuals, without losing their identity within the group.
In addition, we strive to give the same weight to the process as to the results of these activities, understanding and respecting each individual’s process in approaching these activities. We see ourselves not as intervenients in creativity, but as escorting guides.We believe that, by carefully focusing on the potential of each individual participant, we can identify the spaces and methods that they need, and we think that art offers the greatest possibilities of all for this.

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