C.E.N.T.E.S Nº 1

Since its founding in Buenos Aires, Argentina 30 years ago, CENTES has, as a public school, been run to meet the needs of children requiring special assistance and to support their learning process, as far as possible. For children, society can sometimes be hard to understand and can feel irrelevant or threatening to them, so educational mechanisms that serve to bridge the gap are required. Accordingly, through inter-institutional networks, we offer specific programs based on their individual educational curricula and create the situations required to contribute to the children’s independent self-formation, with the objective of rebuilding their links to society.
The Educational Center for the Attention of Students with Severe Emotional Disorders No. 1 (Centro Educativo para la Atención de Alumnos con Trastornos Emocionales Severos; C.E.N.T.E.S. No.1) provides education for children aged between 4 and 18 who require support in acquiring social skills and studying, due to disabilities and other challenges. We offer preschool and elementary education curricula, along with workshops to provide young people with vocational training.
 At the same time, we have professional staff to support the learning of children with disabilities who attend ordinary educational institutions, to promote an integrated learning environment. We are building operational networks and support formats involving a variety of stakeholders, undertaking activities underpinned by the belief that both children who have been diagnosed with disabilities and those who have not have the right to have a place in the world of children.

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