Caminos Foundation

Since 1994, the Caminos Foundation has offered a place in Buenos Aires to support the independent growth and social self-reliance of people with intellectual disabilities.
At our facility, we cultivate social skills by building up experience of working as part of a group, while seeking to bring out the potential and interests of individual facility users through a variety of activities in a workshop format, along with follow-up work tailored to each individual facility user. Accordingly, our facility forms multidisciplinary teams of experts who provide integrated assistance to enable each individual to engage in group activities in harmony with others, as well as encouraging them to become more independent and achieve self-reliance through these activities.
In addition, through active exchanges with the community and organizations other than those involved in the welfare of people with disabilities, we attempt to make radical improvements to the closed image of facilities and the tendency of support to impose a passive, infantile role on disabled people, something that has conventionally been an issue in the field of welfare for people with disabilities.

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