Cerrito Azul

Located in Lima, Peru, this year marks the 25th anniversary of the private non-profit organization Cerrito Azul, which has been involved in activities for people with disabilities since 1992.
Formed by parents of children with disabilities, the group provides support aimed at enabling young people with disabilities who live in the Cono Sur area of Lima to become self-reliant and happy.
We also have a special needs school licensed by the Ministry of Education, which is attended by 32 disabled children aged between 3 and 12. The school’s educational program emphasizes training students for daily life and provides integrated assistance tailored to this objective.
The contribution that we have made to education and vocational support for people with disabilities has been recognized with an award from the government. Through our activities, Cerrito Azul aims to restore dignity to people with disabilities and enable them to secure a happy, self-reliant life.

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