community center akta

This is an HIV/AIDS information center and event space located in Shinjuku Ni-chome, Asia’s largest gay village. Founded in 2003 (with akta becoming a specified nonprofit corporation in 2012), it is now used by approximately 7,000 people annually. People can use it free of charge as a place to take a break or to meet up with people, as well as reading memoirs by HIV+ people and books on sexuality, not to mention accessing information about sexual health and the surrounding neighborhood. Exhibitions and events are also held there.
akta serves as a hub for education and awareness-raising, through projects including DELIVERY BOYS, which supports safer sex by delivering condoms and information to bars in Ni-chome, and the Living Together Campaign (in partnership with PLACE Tokyo), in which people with HIV talk about the realities of living with the disease.

*Project funded by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare (entrusted to the Japan Foundation for AIDS Prevention) and run by NPO akta.

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