Educational Institution N °1027 “REPUBLIC OF NICARAGUA”

Located in Lima, Peru, the educational institution Republic of Nicaragua was established in 1940 to provide children with basic education. This school is located in a very socially vulnerable district, squeezed between areas undergoing rapid urban development.
Our school is attended by around 160 children aged between 3 and 12, who live in extreme poverty. Many come from families with dysfunctional elements, including crime, drug addiction, and abuse, while some are living in environments without a family .
Accordingly, the school has an educational policy that does not make any compromises regarding health care and efforts to cultivate the self within the group.
Run by about 10 staff led by principal Vilma Aybar Peña, the school has introduced an educational system with a high regard for inclusive education. We also emphasize diverse values and the fostering of a sense of citizenship among the students. As well as teaching children about their rights and obligations, improving their social skills, and instilling in them an understanding of different cultures and environments, the education at this school aims to achieve sustainable development that encompasses respect for each and every student’s individual characteristics.

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