Everest International School, Japan

EISJ was established in April 2013 under the auspices of the Non Profit Organization Nepal Education Center. The motive was to create an educational environment allowing Nepalese people working in Japan to live together with their family in Japan and speak Nepalese and English with their children. Another motive was that Nepalese residents did not want their children (growing up in Japan) to forget their native language or culture.

When the school opened it only had 15 students, but nearly six years later as of June 2019, 256 students are enrolled at the school. At present the school is attended not just Nepalese children but by a diverse mix of nationalities including; Japanese, Pakistani, Bangladeshi, New Zealanders, Americans, Italians and Filipinos.

Moreover, in February 2015 the school was officially recognized by the Nepalese government as the world’s first school for Nepalese outside of Nepal, and it continues to provide an education in line with official Nepalese guidelines. The aim of the school is to provide a quality education principally for Nepalese children in Japan, to promote cultural exchange between Japan and Nepal, to strengthen mutual understanding, and to provide educational opportunities not only for Nepalese and Japanese children but many more.

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