Special Nursing Home Granark Miduho

A nursing home for the elderly that is exploring various methods in providing preventive care for the community with the aim of alleviating the symptoms of dementia. Established in Tokyo’s Shinagawa City in 2019, Granark Miduho is taking up the challenge of a new model for senior care by looking at what can be done to promote health in the community.

Social Welfare Corporation Jiun Fukushi-kai, which operates Granark Miduho, started their venture in 1947 where there was postwar turmoil and rapid development in the textile industry. It all started when the head priest of Jufuku-ji Temple, seeing how citizens were unable to afford childcare, converted the main hall of their temple into a nursery school, and began providing school lunches. An elderly people’s facility was subsequently established so that residents can enjoy mixing with children at the nursery school. In the present, the home continues to apply its own unique philosophy and methods of care and support with the aim of serving as an “open-door” facility in the community.

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