Kamimachi Atelier

Kamimachi Atelier is a Type B employment continuation support program established in 1987 in Setagaya City, Tokyo. In 2008 they became the Social Welfare Corporation Kashinokikai “Kamimachi Welfare Workshop” after a change of administration. With the rebuilding of the facility in 2015, the business was renamed Kamimachi Atelier (meaning Kamimachi Workshop) and renewed its overall program and operation . With a focus on the four areas of working, building a healthy body, making friends and support for leisure activities, the facility organizes order-based work such as paper inserts and jobs cleaning parks, and independent work making and selling products like jam, dry fruit and vegetables, accessory holders and paper coasters, as well as providing physical exercise, recitals and performance, hula dance and art-related activities, plus seasonal events and outings for its users (members). The aim is for all facility users to be able to live an independent and animated life alongside their friends while demonstrating their own specialised abilities.


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