Social Welfare Corp. Aiikuen/Kanamachi Gakuen

A welfare-type residential care facility for children with disabilities, established in 1933 specializing in children with hearing-impairment. Fifteen hearing-impaired children aged between 5 and 20 live together as a group with the aim of achieving social independence, while attending schools for the deaf around Tokyo.

The facility provides assistance for children wanting to go on to university after deaf school, and for those aiming to become socially independent through qualifications in cooking and other subjects at schools for the deaf. The facility also helps children overcome problems arising from personal or family circumstances.

*In 2021 the facility will move to a new building in Mizumoto 2-chome, Katsushika City as Social Welfare Corporation Eishunkai Alaise Cosmos.
*In Japan, hearing impairment and deafness is considered a disability under law.

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