Kentaro Onishi


Dancer, born in 1985. After graduating from the Inter-media Art Department of Tokyo University of the Arts Graduate School, Onishi established his activity base in the Yanaka neighborhood of Tokyo. A performer who continually seeks the “spirit of dance” in discovering the charm of places, people and customs, he carries out dance performances on the theme of “wind.” Since its launch in 2011 he has served as facilitator and general director of Guru Guru Mix, a creative classroom for children co-organized by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, Arts Council Tokyo (Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture), and Yanaka no Okatte. In 2014, Onishi started Kaze-Asobi Lab. He is currently engaged in participation-style performances called “Kaze Asobi (wind play),” created in cooperation with others. He is developing “O” Dance Project with various people at Itabashi-ku Komone Fukushien (welfare facility). And in 2018, as a participating artist on the TURN-LA TOLA project, Onishi cooperated with locals in Ecuador, South America to produce and perform “El Azabiro de La Tola.”

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