Itabashi-ku Komone Fukushien (welfare facility)

Opened in Tokyo’s Itabashi-ku in 1982 with the aim of helping people live comfortably and in their own way as irreplaceable and unique members of society, in the area where they are accustomed to residing. In the belief that people’s lives are enriched by trying for their goals and experiencing human connections through encounters with a variety of people, the facility carries out support activities to accompany people on their life journey–not to say “look before you leap,” but to enable them to stand up again if they fall. The daily life caregiving service not only carries out everyday care, but also undertakes production activities and physical programs (PT training), as well as events and workshop activities. The employment continuation support (type B) service carries out lifestyle support, social activities, events and workshop activities, with a focus on employment support. The work support service includes work orders received from companies, cleaning work, and KOMONEST products (goods and coffee). The workshop programs in both of these services include illustration and art activities that give rise to original creative expression with rich sensitivity and conceptual freedom.

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