Photo:Rafael Salvador

Monte Azul

The Monte Azul Community Association is a non-profit organization that undertakes projects focused on education, health care, culture, and the environment to support socially vulnerable people and communities of people (more than 5,000 households) living in poverty in underprivileged areas on the outskirts of São Paulo. We have established facilities including nurseries, kindergartens, after-school tutoring clubs, employment programs for young people and adults, medical clinics, organic farms, and culture centers in community hubs.
The association traces its roots back to a German educator, who began welcoming children who lived nearby. The association was formally established in the 1970s and its activities began with the launch of a school for emotional development and a clinic, with the assistance of students from the Rudolf Steiner School. Over time, our support has expanded in scope. In 1998, we began accepting people with disabilities.
At our facilities, our activities have three key elements. The first is Caminhando Juntos, a support group for people with intellectual disabilities that was the main focus of Takiguchi’s exchange activities. The second is childcare for schoolchildren in a deprived neighborhood called Nossa Ciranda. In addition, we have a group that oversees cultural activities, which has been used by people from the local community who come to watch the performances.
Caminhando Juntos has 80 users and carries out activities in such areas as social rehabilitation and vocational training.

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