Ota City Support Center for People With Disabilities

Established in March 2015 as a support base for people with disabilities, the center aims to continue evolving in order to facilitate encounters and connections through which people with and without disabilities can mutually support one another. The five-story building houses four divisions: “Consultation Support,” “Residence Support, “Area-based Interaction” and “Employment Support.” The Employment Support division provides assistance with employment stability, so that people with disabilities can continue their company work with peace of mind.
One of these employment stability support activities, “Tamariba,” is held every Friday night. People working at companies stop in at the center to chat, have dinner together, play games…each person uses the time in his or her own way. “Tamariba” has become a place where people can go after work, see their friends, relax, and recharge for the week ahead. It also gives them opportunities to go to karaoke or out for a drink on days off, make new friends and expand their horizons.
The facility’s main divisions include self-sufficiency training (functional and life training), employment transfer support, general consultation support programs, specific consultation support, area living support activities, a core consultation support center, a center for the prevention of abuse of people with disabilities, a social welfare center for people with physical disabilities (type B), and a braille library.

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