Ryuichi Ono


Ono is a Musician who studied contemporary composition, music history and aesthetics of music in the Department of Composition, Tokyo University of the Arts. He currently conducts practical research in Listening Theory at that university’s Graduate School of Fine Arts, covering a variety of genres such as exhibitions and stage productions with a principal focus on the creation of music.

Recent major works and performances include “SOUNDs GARDEN” (Hall 1, Tokyo University of the Arts, 2016), “Dinner with Mr. Verlaine” (Funabashi Civic Cultural Hall, 2016), “LIVE HAMLET” (collaborative production, Ueno Park Outdoor Stage, Suijo Ongakudo, 2017), “A I N I C L E” (Gallery NIW, 2017)、”Mimesis in ( )”(Seibu Shibuya, 2018), and “In Conversation with the Organ: In search of a new wind” (Sogakudo Concert Hall, Tokyo University of the Arts, 2018)

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