Sebastian Camacho Ramirez


Born in 1982 in Bogotá, Colombia. I completed a master’s degree at the National University of the Arts in Argentina. I work on various projects with foundations in Buenos Aires, Argentina and with museums and other institutions in Bogotá. In addition, I teach at Jorge Tadeo Lozano University and La Salle University in Columbia, and currently serve as the representative of the Galería El Museo in Bogotá and the Galería Gachi Prieto in Buenos Aires . Interested in the updating of art history and world history, I position myself within the tradition or movement of artists who harbor doubts about fictitious objects that dominate the order of things and seek to rethink them. I also investigate various examples of artistic activity and engage in self-questioning. While describing and explaining these examples is easy, I am in a situation that is difficult to predict.

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