SHOBU Gakuen

SHOBU Gakuen is a social welfare service corporation that was established in the southern Kyushu city of Kagoshima in 1973. Our services include residential care, short-term respite care, care for daily life, training to promote independence, and employment support. Fascinated by the demeanor of people with disabilities as they engage in creative endeavors that demonstrate abundant sensibility, we undertake personalized activities with a primary focus on art and music. Our dream is to create a community in which, irrespective of whether or not its members have disabilities, the boundaries between people who require support and those providing it are eliminated, so that they can share the joy of working together to make things, on an equal footing as artists, bringing out the creative abilities with which people are innately endowed. It is a style of living created through people supporting each other and connecting with each other. Exhibited not only within Japan, but also overseas, the works that emerge from this environment have won high acclaim within the worlds of arts and crafts.

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