Sunao Maruyama


Maruyama Graduated from the Department of Design, Tokyo University of the Arts. Studied graphics at University of Applied Arts in Vienna as part of her postgraduate course at TUA. Her work encompasses everything from paintings commissioned for interior spaces to illustrations and designs for clothing textiles, packaging, advertisements, etc. Much of her gentle and charming work features motifs of nature such as flowers, birds, and animals. In her work as a workshop designer, she puts together expressive activities that are suitable for a wide range of ages and environments. Recently she has undertaken projects at educational institutions, hospitals and other welfare facilities both in Japan and overseas with the aim of communicating the fun and importance of art and design. She is also a member of the synthesizer band “CRYSTAL”, which made its debut in 2007 on the French record label Institubes. Performances in places such as Tokyo, Paris, New York and Madrid have garnered the band popularity overseas in particular. Maruyama is a part time lecturer at Tokyo University of the Arts, and Ochanomizu University (as of February, 2020).

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