Takashi Iitsuka


Puppet animation movie director, from Ibaraki Prefecture. Born in1985.
Iitsuka creates his special effects-driven video works with puppets and miniature sets, handling direction, screenplay, filming, art direction, music and characters’ voices virtually single-handedly. Since the positive reception of “ENCOUNTERS” (2011) in Japan and overseas, in recent years Iitsuka has expanded his range of activities to collaborations with live action movie directors and “genkeishi” figure makers, workshops and more.

NHK Educational (ETV) “Hoketsu Hero Mega 3” (screenplay, direction, art direction and editing)
TV Tokyo “Four of a Kind” (direction, character design)
NHK Educational “Otoppe” (screenplay, ending sequence director)
Puppetry for Benesse “Kodomo Challenge Step” DVD (design and direction)
YouTube shorts stream “Jinsei Kagiri aru Kurabu” (“Life Is Short Club”), others

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