Photo:Rafael Salvador

Tati Polo


Tati Polo is a textile artist and architect who was born in São Paulo, Brazil. She has a strong interest in traditional textile art from around the world. While she was a student, she worked in a silk painting studio and learned dyeing techniques. Since 1998, her work has been exhibited at design-focused trade fairs and exhibitions of modern crafts through her partnerships with fashion designers and interior design boutiques. In 2001, she visited Japan to study with a renowned expert in the Kaga Yuzen dyeing technique. This experience led her to learn shibori (Japanese tie-dyeing) and plant dyeing techniques. Her unique works blend the cultures of her own homeland (Brazil) and those of her ancestors (Japan and Bolivia) through the patterns, colors, and textures of the materials that she uses. Since 2010, in tandem with her work in architectural design, she has offered workshops focused on various dyeing techniques, including shibori and plant dyes.

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