Wataru Asada

Cultural activist, born 1979. Through writing, music and other projects Asada expresses the “the voices, i.e. existences” of diverse individuals; which tend to get buried within the larger society. He is also known for advocating what he calls the Sumibiraki or “open living” movement, in which people open up their private homes to others. His recent books include “Sumibiraki Enlarged edition– The Community You Can Start from Home –” (Chikuma Bunko), “Hokatsu to Kazoku (“The family and thehe search for a daycare center ”/Heibonsha)”, and Sōki no ongaku (“Music for recollection”/ SUIYOSHA Publishing). Events Asada has directed include concerts such as “19 Vocal Questions” (Tokyo University of the Arts, 2021), and exhibitions such as “Manazashi Rajio!!” (“Vision Radio!!”/Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre, 2020). Since 2019 he has been Art Director at Guruppo, a comprehensive support facility for people with disabilities in Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo.

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