Yuto Yanagi


Graduated from the Department of Intermedia Art (Graduate School of Fine Arts) at Tokyo University of the Arts in 2019. In Yanagi’s style of theatrical expression, the everyday and the extraordinary intersect in places beyond the constraints of a theater setting, such as in a car, a welfare facility, a studio apartment, or on the streets. His interdisciplinary activities include appearing as a dancer in the dance performance LIVE BONE (2013) by Kaiji Moriyama x Kodue Hibino x Kohske Kawase, and serving as assistant director for a production by chelfitsch Theater Company.
In 2015, as part of TURN Interactive Program, collaborated with Community Centre akta.
Yanagi has also created various works whilst residing in Azamihira Village, Tokamachi City, Niigata Prefecture for half a year and in “Sompo no Ie S Ojikamiya (an elderly care home) ” for one year in 2019. Since July 2020, he has been living in “Sompo no Ie S Sagano” in Kyoto while developing a project called “Harumachi Outdoor Theater Project,” involving the creation of a pop-up “neighborhood” where welfare facilities and the local community can intermingle.


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