AlunCo Foundation International

AlunCo Foundation International was established in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1998. The center was founded through the efforts of experts backed up by a sense of being deeply involved in social change, with the aim of comprehensively meeting the needs of disabled patients and their families.
AlunCo Health seeks to transform stereotypes of support for patients with disabilities and their family members. Rehabilitation centers each individual patient, aiming to teach them new abilities and foster the strength that they require to put their new life plan into action, thereby reducing dependence on the medical and healthcare system and facilitating social inclusion. The unique activity technique called Vetas aims to restore the patient’s identity and rebuild their personality.
AlunCo Education is a center for professional development, training, and research, which cultivates personnel capable of spreading interdisciplinary initiatives within a conceptual framework of global unity and diversity , in accordance with the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities promoted by UNESCO. It plans and implements training programs for clinical, professional, and organizational development, which aim to foster professionals able to manage change in a way that integrates efficiency and sensitivity.
AlunCo Social specializes in innovation aimed at sustainable organizational management. It undertakes activities aimed at creating a society that accepts diversity through various programs that seek to change people’s perceptions of themselves from being socially vulnerable to being independent individuals. In doing so, its objective is to improve their quality of life, while preventing not only the stress of various social impediments, but also the development of new disabilities caused by current ways of life.

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