Kodomo Conference

The things that we thought about seriously in our childhood still strike a chord with us as adults, even after the passage of years. A network consisting of three Kodomo Shokudo in Tokyo’s Ota City, which provide children with a place where they can be themselves, Kodomo Conference runs a project in which artists and children together consider society and the future, while encountering new forms of imagination.

Kimagure Yaoya Dandan

Located in a former izakaya pub in the Higashi Yaguchi district of Ota City, Tokyo, this vegetable shop is far more than just a vegetable shop. It provides a venue for the One-coin Terakoya and Susumu Terakoya after-school tutor groups, English conversation classes, book clubs, storytelling sessions, and the Kodomo Shokudo cafeteria. Kimagure Yaoya Dandan is no less than a private culture center that creates a place and a role for everyone.

Kinema Future Center

We renovated an unoccupied house in Kinema-dori Shopping Arcade, just five minutes’ walk from Keikyu Kamata Station, to provide a space for diverse interaction that serves as a hub for the local community. Children from the nearby kindergarten and their parents use the Japanese-style room on the second floor for gatherings. Kinema Smile Canteen is held here once a month.


nijiiro*cafe expresses its mission in three key ambitions: to be a place where people can drop in casually; to provide healthy, filling food; and to offer a space where people can relax and unwind, both mentally and physically. Bearing these in mind, it sells pesticide-free vegetables sourced directly from farmers across the country and holds cookery classes for adults and children using this produce. Its monthly Kodomo Shokudo sessions also attach great importance to these ambitions in the welcome provided for children.