Words from TURN

Party in question vs. user vs. other

When I organize “Delusion Karuta” playing card tournaments away from the facility, or when we’re in social situations, we meet all different sorts of people.
With no awareness that something applies to themselves, people talk to me about delusion, or someone comes to meetings saying he/she was just thinking of jumping in front of a train. With this, the dividing lines start to crumble between the party in question (i.e. the person something applies to), the user (i.e. of a facility/service) and those who fall into a different camp. At such times I became conscious that although people already getting support from the welfare system are important, it would be good to think about the people who don’t as well. Moreover, say one of our members wants to play music, and goes ahead and plays music. At some point they reach a dead end, and fall into what we call detached self-sufficiency. They only open up by getting involved with people on the outside. So I have some vague ideas of connecting the world outside the facility with the world inside, or maybe creating occasions when there’s no boundary between the outside and the inside.
  • Katsunori Shinzawa (Director at Harmony)
  • from TURN Center Conceptualization Meeting
  • August 25, 2016