Words on TURN

Wrong guesses with flexibility

The “correctness/factualness” that goes along with “perfection” tends to get in the way. If you try to be perfect, you have to exclude a lot. On the reverse side of a situation where something is excluded, there’s pressure to aim for perfection and correctness. I personally feel that states of imperfection and immaturity are interesting. That’s where I get a sense of possibility. I value the things that always turn out a certain way no matter what I do. I try to create something as yet unseen, working through a succession of wrong guesses, in a state of flexibility. To give it a tidy name, it’s “open-mindedness.” I’m often asked, “What are you trying to express?” I couldn’t care less about stuff like that. I do what I do, not because I’m trying to express something, but because I don’t know. I reach towards something that inspires my interest and curiosity, and I try to touch and connect with it. To me, it’s that activity that matters. Repeating the process again and again brings about completely unexpected situations, which in turn give rise to a chain of diverse connections.
  • Hiroshi Fuji
  • From TURN Meeting No. 2
  • October, 2017